There are hundreds of JRPGs out there and fans are always talking about them. However, how many of us have actually played most of them to the end? I talk about JRPGs all the time, but haven’t finished most them. I have a horrible habit of starting games, but not finishing them. It’s a habit I want to break.

This is my journey to play and finish the games I love so much. One 40+ hour JRPG at a time.

When I say “JRPGs,” I’m referring to games that are stylized like and/or inspired by Japanese RPGs, not necessarily an RPG developed in Japan. So  I’m talking Star Ocean, Tales of Destiny, Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star, Ys, Breath of Fire, Pier Solar, Lunar, Grandia, or Final Fantasy. I’m NOT talking about Demon’s Souls, Wizardry, Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate, or Elders Scroll.


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